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The Collection of Ridiculously Awesome Avatars

Suzumiya Haruhi - Our God... is an Awesome God The avatar itself is obviously not very original, being just another anime screenshot. The caption looks like a random quote from a random song. What is so good about it then? Well, if you know who Suzumiya Haruhi is, you probably already know the answer. And if you don't... Haruhi is god. But not just any god. She is an awesome god! Just how awesome is she? Well, imagine an eccentric schoolgirl who has the power to alter the whole world at her whim, but she isn't aware of this fact. Now you get the picture. But in order to fully comprehend it, you really should watch the series, even if you don't like anime in general.

Just so you know, this avatar is used at the time of the writing by Bremen, a goon from the Something Awful Forums.

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